Technological Solutions Offered by TachyonByte


Software as a Service
SaaS Offerings are at core of TachyonByte. Powered by our state of the art intelligent SaaS tenant management Platform


An Artificial Intelligence to Power Infra Intelligence
TachyonAI is highly secured & privacy focused AI to manage your premises, do basic IoT to advance security and threat intelligence

Military Grade System Engines

Highly Secured and Robust Backends
Powerfull Backend Systems for Airgapped and Public Deployments with APIs that you want. Early Warning for Intense Events.

Scalable Web Apps

Highly Available Web Apps that can Scale
Fine Tuned and scalable Web Apps for your customers which can be scaled horizontally or vertically with least operational overhead


A stable and redundant infrastructure
Public or Private Cloud whatever you want we got it all covered, superior technology and vigilant security to run your systems

Tachyon Wireless WAN

An off grid wireless communications system
From Station to Station Communication to AI Sensor Hive, We do it all with Tachyon WWAN. A Communication Protocol with Magic

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