Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Technologies do you use?

    As every technology solves a specific problem we use different tech and approches to solve a particular problem. but to simplify the answer, We use various Programming Languages, DevOps Tools, Cloud Technologies, Server Hardware, Security Tools, IoT Electronics and much more

  • Your team is in-house or outsourced?

    Most of the work we do here is done in-house. but we belong to the stong community of engineers and if there is a need for more resources then we partner with our friends in the industry to get the job done with utmost quality and professionalism.

  • What is your pricing model?

    Totally depends on the project and the requirements.

  • How do you handle the security of the project?

    Security is the backbone of this industry and we take is very seriously. We follow security standarts from our workplace to the code we write and deploy. security is not an after thought it is by design.

  • Why are you so awesome?

    Thanks! We get that a lot!😅. We constantly improve our process and the results we produce. That's the road towards awesomeness right? We'd like to think that way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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