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Quick Facts About TachyonByte

HQ is located at Nashik, Maharashtra, India


Boosting Human Evolution with Technology


Culture is what keeps us human


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Our Comapany Name
Why is it TachyonByte?

TachyonByte ( टॅकियॅान बाइट ) is combination of two words Tachyon and Byte, Where Byte is the unit to measure size of data in Computer Science and Tachyon is a Particle in Theoretical Physics which travels faster than the speed of light, so the same TachyonByte suggests Super Fast Data which matches with our mission to make technology accessible to everyone and contribute in evolution of this world.

Our Vision
What do we want to accomplish?

Over the decades we have seen that technology is improved a lot and a lot of things are possible which were mere fiction a few years ago. This technological advancement is although very interesting but a lot of people are excluded from the benefits of these Technologies due to economical or infrastrucural deficiencies. We are trying to make technology that makes the difference and not just for the sake of using the technology.


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Paresh Pawar

Executive Director

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Shubham Gabhale


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